Friday, August 20, 2004

Okay, so now I have a blog. What next?

What next indeed. Let's start by talking about work. Not that I expect anyone to have even the slightest interest, but I created the blog, so I figure I ought to post something. So here goes---

Despite the silly blog name, I do have a serious job. I am a lawyer. A civil appellate lawyer, to be precise. For plaintiffs, to be more precise still. And it's been a big week in the appellate courts. Three cases decided by three different courts over a period of seven days in which the briefs were written by yours truly:

We start with a win in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, en banc, no less, in Gaddis v. US, wherein we learn that ad litem fees can indeed be taxed against the Unites States government. Not much money at stake, but apparently the government thought the principle was important. I love it when they lose.

Next we have less happy results from the Beaumont Court of Appeals in Entergy Gulf States v. Isom. I guess the court thought almost fourteen is just too old for the attractive nuisance doctrine to apply. Darn them.

And finally, we have a win in In re Redi-Mix, a mandamus action that should never have been filed. At least that's what the Fort Worth Court of Appeals seemed to think. You can't tell from the opinion, but it was a case of sour grapes from some defense lawyers whose forum-shopping scheme ended up getting them sanctioned.



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