Friday, October 13, 2006

Time Passages Live

As the name implies, Time Passages Live is one of Al Stewart's live albums, although it is not, as the name suggests, a live version of his album Time Passages. It's not currently in print, but it appears in full in the highly recommended Just Yesterday box set. For some reason, at one time I felt a need to write a review of it on Amazon. Not much of a review really, but in the interest of completeness, I'm including it here anyway. I said something like this:

This is a CD release of a limited production 1978 promotional LP officially titled "The Live Radio Concert Album" and known among fans as "The Blue Album." It's an excellent performance recorded at the height of Stewart's commercial success. No fan should be without it.

The initial release of this CD had a misprint on the spine of the CD case-- it says "TTIME PASSAGES LIVE." BMG has apparently pulled these from the market causing availability problems.

The track list is: (1) On the Border; (2) Sirens of Titan; (3) Time Passages; (4) Roads to Moscow; (5) Life in Dark Water; (6) Valentina Way; (7) Year of the Cat; (8) Pink Panther Theme; and (9) Song on the Radio.

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