Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Another impression, not review--Firefly.

"Firefly-The Complete Series" is one of those things that I bought sight unseen based on Amazon reviews. Only problem is that I think that, with the help of a couple bottles of Yellow Tail Shiraz (four plastic corks on my $5 wine scale), I had it confused with Farscape--another series that I never saw. As it happens, it was a happy accident. I have now watched 12 of 14 episodes, and I think it's just smashing. Too bad it got cancelled after less than a full season. This is really good stuff. At least that's what I think people who liked Babylon 5 and/or DS9 would think.

It's basically a post Civil War western set in space. The Union (or in this case, the Alliance) has won the war, and the disaffected losers have headed to the frontiers to make a life for themselves as Wild West outlaws. (I don't know why, but i really identify with disaffected losers. (Insert appropriate emoticon here.))Some people would no doubt find this annoying. I didn't. It's certainly no dumber that what passes for "science" on the various Star Trek series, and I willingly suspended disbelief because it had good characters, good acting, and really good writing.

It's worth the thirty-five bucks. Check it out.



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