Sunday, July 30, 2006

Phabulous Phishing!

This superfantastic phishing thing just turned up in my inbox. Although it doesn't show up here, it has all the right eBay graphics and is very professionally done. It almost made me want to click on the link to tell eBay that there must be some mistake. But they lose big time points for failing to pay attention to the listing date. If they're going to tell me that my item has been successfully listed, they ought to try to at least get the month right.

Dear eBay Member,
Your item has been successfully listed on eBay. It may take some time for the item to appear on eBay search results. Here are the listing details:

Akai PDP5006H 50" HD Plasma TV Plasmas TVS
Starting price: $499.00
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Details for item number: 5841168763
Listing URL:
Start date: Wednesday, June-27-06 11:30:00 PST
End date: Wednesday, June-30-06 11:30:00 PST
Quantity: 1 unit
Duration: 7 days
Listing fees: $12.60 (Insertion fee: $7.40; Photo: $1.75; Listing Designer: $2.10; Gallery: $1.35; )

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BTW-- The link in the post isn't the real link. It's a fake javascript thing. Using the "copy shortcut" feature, I got this:



Friday, July 28, 2006

I gotta get me one of these.

And the best part is when you're not using it to fire the nukes, it doubles as a USB hub.

$62.21 from


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What's up with the weather?

Last year we kept hearing about global warming and increased surface water temperatures making for more and more powerful hurricanes. Last year at this time, our seventh named Atlantic storm--Gert--was just petering out.

The first half of this year is supposed to have been the hottest on record. And we've had a lousey two named storms. So where the heck are the hurricanes?

Edited to add: Well speak of the Devil.... Here come's Chris now. Click on the link and scroll down to "Another dangerous Loop Current Eddy in 2006" for the good stuff.

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