Friday, October 13, 2006

The Global Warming Collection

In my continuing project of cataloging my posts on recurring topics, I offer these my Global Warming posts:

In Hot Air on Global Warming, we marvel at the astounding reasoning behind some of the UN's World Meteorological Organization's pronouncements on Global Warming.

In Thoughts on Global Warming we conclude that regardless of the scientific merits of the human induced Global Warming theory, we're all done for.

In What's Up With the Weather? we express our sense of wonder that the much ballyhooed 2006 Atlantic hurricane season seemed to be falling far short of expectations.

In The Weather Revisited we wonder at the marvelous understanding that allows such precise short term projections about the weather, and doubt not that long term projections are only somewhat less reliable.

In A Discordant Convergence Global Warming met MTV.

In An Inconvenient Truth, we examine one of Al Gore's more bizarre assertions--that cigarettes are a significant contributor to global warming--and then digress into musings about the relationship between Global Warming and Peak Oil.



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