Friday, January 20, 2006

Hayes Carll at Courville's

Some of you may recall my post from way back in November of 2004 about 9 Station Drive and Hayes Carll at Courville's. It was a great show, but poorly attended.

Mr. Carll was supposed to be back in October of last year (if I have my dates straight), but the show was rained out. Actually, I think it was a bit more than the rain. The show was scheduled for a week or two after Rita blew through. I think Courville's finally got their power back the day before the show had been scheduled to go on, but most people weren't back in town yet and Big Rich Courville & Co. were far too busy feeding the clean up crews down at Ford Park to do the show. And besides, by that time the show had already been postponed.

Anyway, Carll finally found his way back to Courville's last night. Although I've never seen anything at Courville's promoted anywhere but here, it was a very well attended show. The doors were supposed to open at 7:00, and when I got there at about 7:01, most of the tables were already gone.

This time it was $30 per person--up from $15 for Carll's 2004 show--but that included the buffet and this time Carll brought a full band. The food was good, but 9 Station Drive was better, and Hayes Carll was better still. Great stage presence, really good song writing, good singing, and all that kind of stuff. If you like guys who play guitar and sing songs that aren't stupid or sappy, you might like him. I know I did. Again.

Upcoming shows at Courville's include Ray Wylie Hubbard on February 16 and Fred Eaglesmith on March 22.

Ray Wylie Hubbard put on a great show at Courville's last August and has earned Wang Chi's Five Pancake Rating as a live performer. Don't miss it.

I haven't seen Fred Eaglesmith (or even heard his music), but whoever books the bands for Courville's seems to know what he's doing. I expect I'll post something after the show.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how surprised I was to find a new post from Wang Chi / Jack. Glad to have you back.

Monday, January 23, 2006 10:39:00 AM  

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