Thursday, April 13, 2006

Chasin' Cuervo's Gold

That's what "Texas Music Legend" Rusty Wier and his truncated band (Rusty on acoustic band backed with an electric guitar and bass) were doing at Courville's tonight. Two sets of about an hour each of singin', story-tellin', and yee-haws on cue from the audience. Even a ska interlude in the middle of the senior prom "You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling" song story. And a bit over three quarters of a liter of Cuervo Gold between Rusty and his lead guitar player. The man holds his liquor a hell of a lot better than Hank Williams, Jr., but that's another story. A hootin' hollerin' good ol' time was had by all. Even by me, who has remained completely booze-free through the whole Lenten season.

But before Rusty, it was Josh Langston and Jimmy Kaiser. I hadn't seen either of them before, but I expect I'll see them again Friday night at David Kaiser's CD release party at Antone's. They took turns singing, for the most part, and they're both quite good.

In other news, Courville's is now giving a $10 discount if you buy your tickets for future shows at the current show. Since $20 is less than $30, I decided to go ahead and make my reservations for all the upcoming shows. I was surprised to find that Charlie A'Court's May 25 show is already sold out, but I have secured my tickets for Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez on June 7 and Billy Joe Shaver on July 26, as well as upcoming but as yet unscheduled shows by Hayes Carll and Jerry Jeff Walker. I've seen Billy Joe Shaver and Hayes Carll, and I can recommend them both without reservaiton. I haven't seen Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez or Jerry Jeff Walker, but they come pretty highly recommended.

Yes, Jerry Jeff Walker. At Courville's. A place what only seats 100 people. The universe seems somehow out of balance.

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Blogger Laurie said...

You're killing me! I'm going buy all my tickets tomorrow (oops, today). I can't believe Charlie A'Court is sold out. That sucks.

Friday, April 14, 2006 4:54:00 AM  

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